Transformative Religion
Religion as Situated Knowledge in Processes of Social Transformation

International Research Training Group

Dr. Seyram Amenyedzi

Postdoc Project: Social Transformation in the Post COVID-19-Era: Exploring Online Opportunities for Christian Ministry among Persons with Disability in Africa.

  • PhD Missiology from Stellenbosch University (Disability Research)
  • 2016-2022: Lecturer and Senior Lecturer at the South African Theological Seminary (currently a postgraduate supervisor)
  • Since 2016: A Research Associate at the Department of Practical Theology and Missiology, Stellenbosch University
  • Developed research methodologies for research within African cultures: the Afrocentric- Womanist Paradigm (AWP), the Afrocentric-Youth Paradigm (AYP) and the Afrocentric-Gender Paradigm (AGP)
  • Expertise: Passionate about the inclusion and plight of marginalized people such as women, youth, children, and persons with disability; Mission (missio Dei); Culture; Research methodology; Qualitative data analysis (Accredited ATLAS.ti Data Analysis Software trainer)



Despite the positive dimensions of social transformation, the downside points to the reality that many disadvantaged groups including persons with disability may be left out if deliberate efforts are not made to include them. Religion undoubtedly has a major role to play. It is proven that persons with disability experience extreme stigmatization, exclusion, and lack of participation in most African churches. The Covid-19 pandemic among many challenges also offers some opportunities which does not require physical presence for ministry and fellowship. Hence, a lot of churches have migrated to the digital space. The research explores online opportunities that could be harnessed to enhance ministry among people with disability. It is imperative that people with disability are not neglected as their inclusion will reflect the African churches’ full participation in the all-inclusive mission of God (missio Dei).

  • The African Woman Project (Experiences of African women in various contexts, working toward a book(s) project).
  • Developing Afrocentric research methodologies.

Selected Publications:

  • Amenyedzi, Seyram. B. 2023. The Afrocentric-Youth Paradigm, Journal of Youth and Theology (published online ahead of print 2023).
  • Amenyedzi, Seyram. B. 2022. ‘The Afrocentric Womanist Paradigm’ in Sophia Chirongoma and Ven. Scholar Wayua Kiilu (eds). Mother Earth, Mother Africa: World Religions and Environmental Imagination, 199-214. Stellenbosch: African Sun Media.
  • Amenyedzi, Seyram. 2021. ‘3D Disability: Tapping into a Womanist Theology of Disability’ in Samuel Kabue et al eds. “The Changing Scenes of Disability in Church and Society”: A Resource Book for Theological and Religious Studies, 292-325. Nairobi: Ecumenical Disability Advocates Network-EDAN (WCC).
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