Jayson Gribble

Project Title: A Theology of Work? Marikana as Hermeneutical Lens in Constructing a Theology of Work (Development)

2021-2021: Master of Divinity, Stellenbosch University, South Africa

2015: National Senior Certificate, Concordia High School, Concordia

This study will investigate how the Marikana-massacre may assist the theological community as hermeneutical lens for the development of a theology of work. By epistemologically privileging the mineworker of Marikana and their knowledges the project will analyse the influence and effect of the intersection between modernisation, neo-liberalism on work. Explore the phenomenon of hermeneutics and how the workers’ situated knowledge may enrich hermeneutics. Thereby critically analysing the landscape of a theology of work, globally and locally. As such outlining a framework for constructing a theology of work through the hermeneutically employing the Marikana-massacre. This project will be embarked on at the nexus of development and Christian ethics. Taking seriously the work of womanist ethicist Katie Cannon, who explicates that the work of Christian ethicist is to debunk, unmask, and disentangle “the ideologies, theologies, and systems of value operative in a particular society.” As such, the project, by epistemologically privileging the worker, wish to debunk, unmask, and disentangle the ideology, theology and systems of value that is operative in a theology of work. As such, Cannon points that ethics also goes further, in that it seeks for alternatives. Thus in this project, attention will be given to provide a framework for developing a theology of work.