Sina Benyamina

PhD project (2022–2024): “Healing through dialogues on sexual desires” (Working Title) (Research Area Healing)

  • 04/17–06/21 MA in religion and culture at the Humboldt University
  • 02/21–04/21 Consultant for PROMISE (Promoting quality in inclusive education in Jordan) at the Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit (GiZ)
  • 07/20–01/21 Internship at GIZ`s core education cluster in Jordan
  • 03/17–09/18 Administrator and Accountant at the association for unaccompanied refugee minors (Berlin)
  • 09/12–09/15 BA in public and non-profit management at Berlin School of Economics and Law and at University of Applied Science (Berlin)

My qualitative research will focus on the non-clinical aspects of sexual desire as part of one´s health and wellbeing, together with the ‘positive’ aspects, such as pleasure, lust, erotic imagination, as empowering factors, mainly in the Berlin context. The project will contemplate the following two questions: How sexual desire and these ‘positive’ aspects are constructed or shaped, and who determines what is considered to be positive and for whom? How are sexual lust and desire dealt with and experienced or embodied in the context of Berlin? The aim of the project is to look at the different meanings and prioritizations attached to sexual desire and its embodiment, and to reflect on the nuances of sexual desire and its contextual and multi-layered nature.