David Elliot

(Not) Caring About Whiteness: Ethnographic Explorations of how White Christian Religious Workers mediate Race, Faith and National Identity in South Africa and Germany (National Identity)

2022: Master’s Dissertation (First Class Pass), Title of Dissertation: Confronting Coloniality: the Potential for a South African Decolonial Theology of Whiteness.

2020: Honours Degree in Theology majoring in Black Theology and Critical Whiteness Studies (Summa Cum Laude)

2019: Undergraduate degree (Bachelor of Theology, Summa Cum Laude), Seth Mokitimi Methodist Seminary

What does it mean for me, and others, to be white as white South Africans in the post-colonial, post-Apartheid South African context? What constitutes my Whiteness, our Whiteness, Systemic Whiteness, and what does not? What role does faith play inconstructing, constituting, reinscribing, or subverting my Whiteness, our Whiteness, and theWhiteness still present in post-colonial, post-Apartheid systems and structures? How doesSouth African Whiteness connect to European, particularly German, and global networks, systems, structures and conceptions of Whiteness? How are such linkages obscured, subverted, or sustained? What role do Christian religious workers, as gatekeepers of religious belief, belonging, an behaviour, play in the construction and/or subversion of Whiteness and national identity inreligious communities? My research project seeks to engage these questions and is, in part, acontinuation of work I have already done exploring Whiteness in the South African context. In exploring these questions I will seek to hopefully offer some critical tools for deconstructing Whiteness in Christian normative communities in South Africa and Germany.