Nawfal Khmirau

Project Title: The Salafist movement in Morocco. The Mutation of A Libera-tion Movement to a Repressive one (National Identity)

2019-2023: Master of Arts-Program: Anglophone Modernities in Literature and Culture, University of Potsdam, Germany

2014-2019: Bachelor of Arts in English Studies (Major: Cultural Studies), University Mohammed V Rabat, Morocco

2013-2014: Bachelor of Arts-Program: Economics and Business Administration, University Mohammed V Rabat, Morocco

Religion played a salient role in the construction of national identities in North Africa. This research will focus on the role of Salafism and its development in Morocco. I will investigate its evolution from the pre-protectorate period when the precepts of this ideology were gaining grounds in other contexts such as Syria and Egypt, its espousal during the protectorate period by urban middle class and the manner in which it has been instrumentalized in unifying the nation, and finally its establishment as a political authority in the statecraft of the independent country of Morocco. The Kingdom was, and is still, a fertile ground for the development Salafism which was seen as a panacea for the ills of colonialism. An investigation on the shortcomings of this ideology will also be one of the objectives of this research.