Transformative Religion
Religion as Situated Knowledge in Processes of Social Transformation

International Research Training Group

Zikhona Kokoma

PhD Project (2022–2024): Amaggirha Nemicimbi: The Art of Healing  (Research Area Migration)

  • Completed undergraduate degree, Bachelor of Arts majoring in Anthropology, Sociology and Linguistics. Also has some background in Philosophy and IsiXhosa (2016-2018)
  • Mentor, Mentoring Programme (UWC Center for Student Support Services) (2018)
  • Tutor (Third and second year modules) Anthropology Department, UWC (2018-2021)
  • Research Assistant, Anthropology Department UWC (2020)
  • Fellow at the Center for Humanities Research, UWC (2021)

Zikhona is an Anthropologist that writes about traditional healers. She had her first encounter with traditional healers when she was doing her Honours degree, where she conducted a study investigating healers‘ conceptualizations of mental illness. This inspired her Masters project- a study on the role of intergenerational knowledges in the making of healers ritual performances. Her PhD project is a continuation of both her Honours and Masters projects and it seeks to understand the place of healers in contemporary society through their artistic practices of dance, fashion, songs, poetry and storytelling. It is a decolonial project, aimed to reveal a unique understanding of healers in society, allowing them to be the knowledge producers of their practices and their worlds.